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Unable to Connect to Wireless Access Point

Can’t connect to wireless

Questions to help with troubleshooting

Are you in an area without an Access Point, (an access point is about an 8” square device normally mounted on the ceiling.)


The Access Point should have a green or blue solid light on it. A green light signifies that the Access Point is on and waiting for someone to connect to it, a blue light means that a device is already connected. Flashing lights of any kind, green, blue or red may indicate that the Access Point has been restarted or that it is having a problem.

Have you restarted your computer today?

Restarting your laptop will clear the connections and connect you to a nearby Access Point.

Are other users having the same problem?

If others are having the same problem then the problem may be larger than just your laptop.

If you are unable to connect to the wireless after restarting your laptop please create a help desk ticket.